Here is some of the feedback from the students I have taught past and present. For any enquiries, please get in touch using the contact page.

It's a pleasure having Jasmine as my Piano teacher. She teaches me many skills to master and pass! I love playing her the new songs I've learned, as well as finishing my grade pieces with her help. She also guides me in sight reading and practicing exams, which makes me more confident in playing. She is definitely a brilliant teacher and I enjoy her teaching me.

I had wanted to learn the piano for a long time and decided to treat myself to lessons last year. I have had experiences of very strict and rigid teachers in the past who have put me off playing music, so I was anxious to find someone who would be the complete opposite and I'm so pleased that I found Jasmine! I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn the piano with a relaxed, encouraging and patient tutor. I only wanted to learn to play for the joy of it and Jasmine understands that, taking time to find pieces that I would enjoy playing and catering my lessons around my goals. I can be quite nervous about playing in front of people, but Jasmine always puts me at ease and it is a pleasure to have lessons with her. She is such a positive person, so knowledgeable and professional and I thoroughly enjoy our lessons together.

Alesia, age 11


My daughter was working towards her Grade 4 Trumpet and son was working towards his Grade 1 Trumpet. They were having some lessons at school but their progress had stalled and they had started to lose some interest in playing. Jasmine was recommended to us by a member of the family and as soon as the children met Jasmine, they felt as if they had known her for years. They were comfortable with Jasmine and were keen to start working on their music again.


Jasmine is kind, supportive and the ultimate professional, she reignited their passion for music and they both passed their gradings, one with merit and one with distinction. I am certain that the children achieved such excellent exam results because of Jasmine's support and dedication.  I cannot recommend Jasmine highly enough, anyone studying music would be lucky to have Jasmine as their teacher.


We were delighted to find Jasmine for our sons' trumpet and piano lessons. Her gentle and patient manner suits them perfectly. Our older son was thrilled to gain a distinction for his first exam and is very motivated to do his second.




Some of the great achievements from a few of my students


  • Niamh passed her Grade 7 Trumpet. 

  • Ed passed his Grade 2 Piano. 

  • Euan passed his Grade 1 Piano. 


  • Edward passed his Grade 1 Piano with Merit. 

  • Olivia passed her Grade 2 Piano with Merit. 

  • Sam passed his Grade 3 Trumpet with Merit. 

  • Richard passed his Grade 4 Trumpet with Merit.

  • Alesia passed her Grade 3 Piano with Merit.


  • Alesia had one week to go before her Grade 1 piano exam. However, lockdown put a hold to all musical exams. As Alesia has been practicing and progressing so much, we are now well underway for preparing her Grade 3!

  • Peter has been working super hard on a piece of piano composition in preparation for his GCSE Music. It is sounding excellent!

  • Emily has been working solidly on her Grade 5 Trumpet work, especially her scales, which have never been her favourite (I don't blame her!). 


  • Emily has now begun her Grade 5 Trumpet pieces. Let the hard work commence..

  • Ben passed his Grade 3 Trumpet exam with Merit, even after skipping Grade 2. Well done Ben!

  • Sam passed his Grade 1 Trumpet exam with distinction (91/100). A fantastic achievement, well done Sam!


  • Emily passed her Grade 4 Trumpet with Merit. Hard work pays off, well done Emily!

  • Ben passed his Grade 1 Trumpet with Distinction. Ben had the joint highest score over all three days of exams. Awesome Ben!