I have been teaching for several years now to both adults and children. I have helped my students pass their exams with both the Trinity and ABRSM syllabuses, where I often accompany my students on piano. However, many of my students enjoy learning for fun. 

I am happy teaching those with learning difficulties, as I have experience both personally and professionally in communicating with adults and children with learning disabilities and/or learning difficulties, plus those who have mental health difficulties.

Most of my students have 30 minute lessons. However, I recommend younger children aged between 5 and 7 years old do better with 20 minute lessons, this is so they do not become too overwhelmed and is more suited to their attention span. 

If you are unable to attend the arranged lesson, I do expect at least 24 hours notice. Anything after this time will still be charged at the full lesson rate. 

I want music to be accessible to all. My lesson rates are negotiable if on a low income, we can work something out!



£18 per half hour lesson

£36 per hour lesson 

Please note, I do charge extra for home visits, which goes towards travel costs and time travelling. 

Accompaniment fees:

Available by request.



Playing the Trumpet is a great stress reliever and is such a cool instrument to learn. 

I began learning the Trumpet at age 9, so it is a big part of who I am and something I am very passionate about. I have a particular interest in melodies, the Trumpet is superb for expressing emotions - a quality that most people would not associate with the Trumpet!

Many people of all ages come to me wanting to learn the Trumpet either academically or for fun.

All of my lessons include sight reading, music theory, duet playing to develop aural skills and scalic/technical work to enhance versatility of playing.


The Piano is an instrument which seems to appeal to almost everybody.

I began learning the Piano at age 14, as I wanted to learn an instrument capable of harmonies and chords. I absolutely love playing the Piano, especially playing pieces written by composers such as Grieg and Chopin. I also spend time improvising, similarly to the Trumpet, the Piano is able to capture all sorts of emotions. Music is powerful and has great effects on our mental health.

Most of my students come to me wanting to learn the Piano, it is a fantastic skill to learn - particularly for multi-tasking!! 

Although not everybody I teach want to complete exams, all of my lessons include sight reading, music theory and scalic/technical work to enhance versatility of playing.

Piano Keys
Composing Music


I also offer music theory lessons. 

From the needs of completing music theory exams, extra help with Music GCSE or A level, or you are just curious about the theoretical side to music. 

Please get in touch via the contact page.